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Alliance for Democracy
and Freedom in Iran

Who are we?

Alliance for Democracy and Freedom in Iran (ADFI) is an alliance of individuals, organizations, political parties and other entities who are committed to the “Mahsa” Charter as a framework for cooperation. The alliance pursues the non-violent overthrow of the Islamic Republic regime and establishment of a secular democracy that serves the will of all Iranian citizens.

What is our purpose?

We aspire to build the foundations of a secular democracy upon which political parties and civil society can be elected by, and serve the will of the people. This process is our common goal to ensure prosperity, freedom, equality and the well being for every Iranian citizen.

Initial Signatories(sorted alphabetically)

Our Mission

The ADFI is not a shadow government. We are not the leaders of the Iranian people, but we seek to reflect and pursue their demands. We shall continue this endeavor for as long as our people and our homeland suffer under tyranny and oppression, with the aim of establishing a secular and democratic structure in Iran.

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