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Abdulla Mohtadi

Abdulla Mohtadi

Abdulah Mohtadi is the General Secretary of the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan and has been an active proponent of a free and democratic Iran for over five decades. During the 1979 Islamic revolution, Mohtadi was a key figure in boycotting the constitutional referendum in Kurdistan and played a pivotal role in opposing Ayatollah Khomeini's military attacks against the Kurds in 1980. He subsequently joined other Kurdish representatives during the negotiations with the central government.

Mohtadi’s restless advocacy for gender equality and representation led to many reforms in Kurdish political parties in 1982. He led fundamental internal reforms in the Komala party and oversaw its evolution into a modern, social democratic platform in 2000.

Mohtadi's support for the 2009 Green Movement, despite its limitations, was grounded in the Movement's ability to undermine the regime's legitimacy and was driven by 20 years of campaigning for the unity of all political parties opposing the Islamic regime. His belief in the power of unity is evident in his work at "The Congress of the Peoples of a Federal Iran" (2005), his founding membership of the "Unity for Democracy in Iran." (2009), and his participation in Iran's "Transition Council." (2018).

Mohtadi has worked tirelessly to unite all Kurdish political parties, culminating in the formation of "The Center for Cooperation of Iranian Kurdistan" in 2017, which played an important role in the recent Woman, Life, Freedom revolution.